////Cecorelax Memory Foam Mattress (30 cm thickness)

Cecorelax Memory Foam Mattress (30 cm thickness)

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If you are thinking about buying a mattress, enjoy the benefits and advantages of the Cecorelax memory foam mattress (30 cm thickness)!

      • Centre with springs in small bags: zone autonomy, freedom of movement, and absence of noise
      • Two useful sides depending on the time of the year: lengthens the life of the mattress and optimises rest.
      • Viscogel mattress: its gel particles provide and excellent level of comfort and better freshness when it’s hot.
      • Cloud effect: distribution of pressure points, maximum relaxation and better circulation
      • Double cushioning and maximum quality materials: soft foam layer (maximum adaptability and firmness)
      • Fabric made from breathable fibres to prevent moisture buildup and maintain a pleasant body temperature
      • Sterilised in hyperbaric chamber: eliminates virus and bacteria and minimises allergies
      • Ecological: free of toxic elements and recyclable
      • Undeformable centre
      • Anatomical and springy
      • Hipoallergenic anti-mite and antibacterial
      • Cotton fabric
      • Permanent ventillation
      • Electrobiological

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Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 135 cm


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